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Identifying & promoting the world’s best, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances

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March 2018 – September 2020

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Electric Pressure Cooker Competition

January 2020- October 2020

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How We Scale Markets

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Identifying high quality products

The Global LEAP Awards use a competition-based approach to drive innovation and performance in early stage product markets, while also building valuable technical and commercial market infrastructure. Awards results serve as core market intelligence for investors, donors, policymakers, solar distributors, and other off-grid market stakeholders.

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Leveraging partnerships

Awards and prizes provide a platform for follow-on and affiliated interventions that accelerate a given awards or prize program’s impacts. Previous rounds of the Global LEAP Awards aligned with a unique results-based financing program supported by Energising Development. The financing program catalyzed the procurement and distribution of over 233,000 Global LEAP Awards-winning TVs, Fans, & Refrigerators by 27 companies in five countries, including the first-ever wholesale procurement of off-grid refrigerators by leading PAYGO SHS companies.

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