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Efficient off-grid appliance technologies reduce energy supply costs and maximize energy access, alleviating poverty and maximizing social and health benefits.

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Industry Engagement

The Global LEAP Awards has seen consistent year-over-year increases in product nominations and company participation. The 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards, which included competitions for off-grid televisions, fans, and the first-ever competition for off-grid refrigerators, received 128 nominations from 40 companies in 16 countries – nearly four times as many as the program’s inaugural round. This level of engagement shows that the Global LEAP Awards is attracting new entrants to the off-grid appliance market and encouraging existing players to expand the number of products they offer.

Donor & Partner Alignment

The Global LEAP Awards presents an ideal framework for collaboration among donors interested in this important part of the broader energy access sector. Since the program’s inaugural round, a variety of donors and partners have supported the Global LEAP Awards and affiliated activities.

Icp Impacts Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

The rigorous performance testing process that underpins the Global LEAP Awards enables the program to incentivize technology and design innovation. The 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition included three innovation cash prizes of $200,000 each for products that demonstrated market-leading advancement in energy-efficiency, off-grid appropriateness, and overall value.

“The prizes were a major factor in our decision to participate in the Global LEAP Awards and improve our devices.”

David Bergeron, Founder and President, SunDanzer Refrigeration
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Market Scaling

The Global LEAP Awards provides a unique product quality assurance tool that strengthens affiliated efforts focused on scaling commercial markets for off-grid appliances. Previous rounds of the Global LEAP Awards served as an input to a unique results-based financing program supported by Energising Development. That program catalyzed the procurement and distribution of over 233,000 TVs, Fans & Refrigerators by 27 companies in five countries, including the first-ever wholesale procurement of off-grid refrigerators by leading PAYGO SHS companies.