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Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps can increase yields while reducing labor for farmers in developing countries who lack access to electricity, but commercial markets for these pumps are nascent.

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Solar water pumps can improve the lives and livelihoods of the nearly 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide who lack energy access, by increasing productivity, yields, and incomes. They present a far-reaching opportunity to reduce the labor burden on women and girls especially, with direct educational and nutritional impacts.

Solar water pumps, however, present significant technical challenges since their performance is highly dependent on use case, intended application, size of the associated energy system, other environmental factors. The high up-front cost of SWPs relative to other appliances also makes financing a particularly strong barrier to scaled deployment and commercial viability.

The Global LEAP Awards for solar water pumps will identify and recognize innovative early-movers and best actors in the appliance market, as well as catalyzing innovation in the early stage of market development.

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Current Competition

The 2019 Global LEAP Awards will uncover product performance and quality, helping to build a valuable technical and commercial solar water pump market infrastructure.

Global LEAP is accepting nominations of highly energy-efficient, durable solar water pumps in the first ever Global LEAP Awards Solar Water Pump Competition, from 8 November 2018 through 18 January 2019.

All nominated products will undergo testing by accredited laboratories for their energy performance, quality, and reliability, and an evaluation by a panel of off-grid market experts.

Manufacturers and distributors of off-grid refrigerators are encouraged to nominate products.

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